Infra-red glasses not provided.

Last Saturday, the good folk of Brighton collectively succumbed to a particularly feverish strain of Christmas-shopping mania. That’s certainly how it appeared anyway, as I made my way once again to the haven of tranquility (never more so than on a Saturday afternoon in December) that is the Sussex County Arts Club.

The model was an older guy called David who I’d never seen before; he held his 50-minute poses like a statue. Impressive.30Nov13-David@SCAC

On Tuesday, for the first time in ages, I went along to the drawing session at the Bee’s Mouth pub, which as a concept (Life drawing. In a pub) is a hard one to argue with but in practice, thanks to subdued lighting that one might generously describe as ‘atmospheric’, it can be a bit of a challenge to even see anything. It becomes an exercise in depicting (sometimes quite dramatic) light and shade rather than line, which meant my small sketchbook and iPad were probably not the best tools for the evening. An A3 pad or larger, together with some big, gestural medium such as charcoal or pastel would have been far more appropriate.

Here are a few of the results. Zoe was the model and some of these were extremely short poses. The mixed-bag of techniques bears testimony to an evening-long quest (failed) to find the most suitable approach.

Who wants to stay in the comfort-zone anyway?


Lastly, in case you didn’t see my post on Twitter, here’s a link to download a free cut-out ‘n’ keep anti-corporate-greed Christmas tree decoration. It’s so on-message, it hurts!

Here’s how it should look:



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