Rail Replacement Bus Sandwich

Is that a contrived title or what?

It’s all downhill from there though I’m afraid, as it merely heralds more of the usual content. The sandwich filling is comprised of a couple of shaky sketches made on the top-deck of a rail-replacement bus (dread phrase) en route both to and from London about a week ago, principally to distract myself from the soul-sapping tedium of the situation. Also shown are a few of our fellow audience-members (without exception, younger than Lynn & I by a solid couple of generations) at the indie music event in Peckham where our son’s band Blood Sport were playing a short set. Ah, the selflessness of parental loyalty.

The bread in this low-concept visual butty is provided by a few sketches from the last couple of Tuesday life-drawing sessions. First, Liorah, then Michaela.





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