Non-retail therapy

I very rarely attend the Saturday afternoon drawing session at SCAC but always enjoy it when I do. The 2 x  50-minute poses format  allows time for some considered, even leisurely, sketching and is an ideal opportunity to whip out the iPad with some prospect of actually creating a finished piece.

There’s also a real sense on a Saturday of being in the calm eye of a retail storm – a contemplative oasis of civilisation amid the shoppers and stressed-out macchiato-swillers that throng North Laine just a few feet from the door.

The model was creative-writing teacher and, I suspect, full-time bohemian, Suzanne. She is also, it emerged in conversation, a grandmother and was brilliant to draw.

Top is a pencil-and-wash drawing with colour added later in Photoshop, below is an iPad drawing in Adobe Ideas.




5 thoughts on “Non-retail therapy

    1. Thanks – I’m glad some of her attitude comes across. It was the first time I’d drawn her but I got the immediate impression that she was a bit of a character! An excellent subject.


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