Taking the tablet

It’s been a while since I took my iPad along to Tuesday life-drawing, largely due to the short-pose format of the session. Whereas ten minutes is just about enough time to make a reasonable pencil drawing, I’ve always found it takes longer to make an equivalent job of it on the tablet.

Last week though, for a change, I decided to pack the iPad anyway and live with whatever I was able to produce in the limited time. A few of the results are below. Very sketchy, as I knew they would be, but sufficiently encouraging for me to be considering a repeat of the exercise tomorrow. I’ll speed up on this thing if it kills me.

First off from a couple of weeks ago, a few trad pencil sketches of Laura, who arrived for the session, apropos of nothing, in a very flamboyant tutu:10thSept13-LauraN@SCAC

… and here are the somewhat rushed iPad drawings of Michaela:Michaela@SCAC-1_17Sept13Michaela@SCAC-2_17Sept13Michaela@SCAC-3_17Sept13Michaela@SCAC-4_17Sept13


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