Twenty-four year no-itch.

Where does the time go, eh?

It was twenty-four years ago today that Lynn and I, in the presence of one officiating commissioner and precisely no family members or witnesses, tied the nuptial knot at San Francisco City Hall. We then drove east to spend our first night as a legal entity in a Yosemite log cabin, stopping only for a celebratory wedding supper of leftover pizza from the previous night, which we ate in the car-park at the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Not exactly a textbook ‘big day’ but I wouldn’t have changed a single detail. It seems like yesterday.

I used to regularly commemorate anniversaries and birthdays with personalised cards but in recent years they’ve become more sporadic. I had time this year though, and decided on a pastiche of Bob Dylan’s Freewheelin’ album cover, featuring the famous 1963 image of Bob and then-girlfriend Suze Rotolo – one of the most effortlessly romantic and redolent shots of all time, IMHO. Ideally, I would have liked the amended track-list to have been a recognisable ‘version’ of the original but there are a number of titles there that simply don’t lend themselves to relevant word-play so instead I’ve just used the ones that did and fleshed out the list with a few other Dylan-inspired titles from other albums. You won’t grasp the significance of every reference (I sincerely hope not) but the original titles should be pretty obvious.

It’s just possible that among younger readers (who am I kidding?), the Freewheelin’ image might not have the same iconic status as it does for us veterans – it was released 50 years ago, after all – so I’ll include a copy of the original by way of comparison.




9 thoughts on “Twenty-four year no-itch.

      1. It’s really a pleasure for me. You’re a great comic’s artist. When I was younger I wanted to do the same but finally my life took me to the architecture’s way. I’m architect but I miss the fantastic feeling of draw comics. And you do it so fine! Congratulations again. Be sure I will go on following you! 🙂

        Have a nice day,


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