8 x 10

A few more 10-minute life-drawings from recent weeks. That’s not including the time taken to assemble them and add spot colour in Photoshop, of course. Slightly garish colour too, in retrospect; I must’ve been in a poppy frame of mind when I did them.

Toppermost is musician and pretend pirate Felix, who always ends up looking slightly biblical in my drawings, give or take a loincloth or two. He accompanied us daubers to the pub after this session, and at one point got up and sang an Irish folk-song (I forget which one), accompanied by the regular Tuesday band of drop-in folk players. He genuinely seemed unable to resist.27Aug13-Felix@SCAC

Bekow is Japanese model Asami.3rdSept13-Asami@SCACThis week I’ve been working on a theatre poster for a client in Melbourne, Australia. It’s still unusual to receive commissions from that part of the world, although apart from the 9-hour time difference, which does somewhat make a mockery of deadlines, it’s actually no different to working for a client just a few miles away, thanks to the internet. It’s been a very enjoyable job to work on and I’ll no doubt post an image in due course, once the final tweaks have been made and the client has given the go-ahead. In the meantime, a small detail isn’t going to hurt anyone; consider it a work in progress:

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 16.52.54


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