Going Dutch

Well, at least our daughter Chloë is. Lynn and I were merely along for the ride, transporting her and a bulging car-full of belongings from Brighton to Amsterdam, where she’ll be living and studying for the next academic year thanks to the rather wonderful and enlightened Erasmus scheme.

We stayed over for a couple of nights while we helped her move in but that was plenty of time to confirm the blindingly obvious fact that Amsterdam will be one hell of a place to live as a student. And while we’re on blindingly obvious observations, can there be a more civilised or civilising mode of transport than the bicycle? We’ll never achieve Dutch levels of usage for all sorts of reasons but it makes a nice aspiration.

We intend to make the most of this excellent excuse for trips across the channel over the coming months; among the city’s many attractions is the recently-reopened Rijksmuseum, home to some of my favourite paintings and currently top of our list for the next visit.

Sketch-18Aug13_1Sketch-18Aug13_3Sketch-19Aug13Sketch-20Aug13This last sketch was drawn in the absence of my reading-glasses, which I foolishly left behind on the car-deck. Impossible to tell, right?


4 thoughts on “Going Dutch

    1. Thanks Lisa, that’s very kind. The setting, by the way, was the restaurant area on the cross-channel ferry. We were sat there quite a while which is why there’s so much going on in the sketch. It’s a great way to pass an otherwise dull journey – I recommend it!


      1. Aha, I can see the ferry-ish features now that you mention it! I would love to sketch while in transit but I sometimes get motion sickness, even on ferries. I did try making a couple of quick sketches from a moving car recently and that was very interesting. But motion sickness again — had to stop after only about 10 minutes.


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