Megabus emollient

I wouldn’t exactly recommend travelling from London Victoria to Newcastle by Megabus but if, like us, you unavoidably leave it too late to bag a reasonably-priced train ticket then you’ll be faced with the option of gritting your teeth and paying the cost of a mini-break on the Côte d’Azur for the privilege, driving (no thanks) or making like a student and going by bus.

We chose the latter. It’s true, a little air-conditioning and extra legroom would have been welcome, as would the occasional chance to get off and stretch our legs, but these considerations were as nothing when pitted against the no-brainer price point. There was free wi-fi too.

The sting was the six-hour length of the journey, or would have been without such reliable distractions as the Observer Everyman crossword (with which my good lady wife and I imperil or marriage on a weekly basis by solving it as a team), reading, making casual judgements about fellow passengers and aimlessly finger-doodling on the iPad, an activity in which I can still get blissfully lost. The subjects here were all grabbed from the weekend papers with no consideration for likeness or visual fidelity.

What – are we there already?



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