Rudderless ship? Not a bit of it!

Last week our regular Tuesday ringmaster, human skyscraper Bill Donohoe, was away lotus-eating in some balmy mediterranean flesh-pot if my memory serves me correctly (which it seldom does these days) but with redoubtable SCAC regular Richard Newman stepping suavely into the MC’s big shoes, everybody’s favourite Finn Laura in the modelling hot-seat and Senegalese smoothies Orchestra Baobab on MP3, you could hardly tell the difference.



4 thoughts on “Rudderless ship? Not a bit of it!

  1. Great work. I really like these images and great poses. The proportions are believable yet still fluid. A lot of life drawings start to look a bit stiff or too rough but these are lovely.


    1. Thanks so much! I think I probably bring my illustrator’s attitude along to life-drawing which might account for the slightly informal approach. I do love it though – our sessions are always one of the highlights of the week.


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