Waiting for the man.

After last Monday’s strangely joyless Neil Young gig, my faith in Rock’s elder statesmen is in urgent need of restoration. Fortunately, riding over the horizon in his red shoes and Buddy Holly specs is none other than Mr Declan MacManus – the great Elvis Costello himself – who I have every confidence will put matters right tomorrow at the Brighton Centre. For the sake of my poor wife’s sanity I’ll genuinely try not to sing along to every single song quite as fervently as last time but I’m making no guarantees.

The completely unrelated drawings below are of Kate (soon to be found portraiting for her supper at Glastonbury, apparently)  from last Tuesday’s life-drawing session. In the lower right image she’s ended up looking rather like one of Will Eisner’s Spirit Femmes Fatales.



3 thoughts on “Waiting for the man.

    1. Thanks, Dan – very kind. We’re lucky enough at our art club to have a number of models with very strong features which certainly helps in achieving a likeness. Kate is always great to draw!


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