Trains, Boats and Crazy Horse

The O2 at Greenwich isn’t exactly the most convenient destination for a Monday night out if you’re travelling from Brighton and have to get up for work the following morning but Lynn and I were prepared to make an exception for Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Having seen them play a memorable gig at Hammersmith Apollo a couple of years ago we were confident this would be worth the trip.

Hmm. I suppose everyone’s entitled to an off-day but whereas the previous show had been a tight and compelling  greatest-hits affair in two coherent halves – one acoustic and another plugged in with the band – this concert, apart from a few fleeting moments of the old magic and some head-scratchingly bonkers staging, was turgid, rambling and self-indulgent. Nothing wrong with improvisation per se but a little light and shade never hurt anybodyGig review over (although I could go on).

The evening was redeemed somewhat by our decision to take the Thames Express Clipper  service from London Bridge to Greenwich rather than the tube. Far more scenic than the underground and it doesn’t half bomb along. Also, I do believe it’s the first time I’ve actually gone under Tower Bridge, which is probably one of those things we’re all meant to have on our bucket lists. Using river transport was meant to speed up the whole process of getting home too, but it was still about 2:30am when we eventually pulled in at Brighton. My sketchbook eased the attendant tedium.





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