I made time to knock out another entry for the Facebook Caricaturama challenge this week. The subject was eminently-caricaturable Sammy Davis Jr and once again the overall standard of the entries was incredibly high. Well worth a look.

I produced mine one afternoon with Sketchbook Pro and Adobe Illustrator on the Cintiq. If time had allowed I’d have done more with the background but the emphasis among the Caricaturama community seems to be on likeness and essence (the clue’s in the title!), so I let it go.



2 thoughts on “Candyman

  1. Hey I really like it. What a great idea. I guess you’re using Illustrator? Please take a few minutes to check out my efforts if you have the time. All the very best. Shaun.


    1. Thanks Shaun. You’re right, the image was finished off in Illustrator, with the line drawing first made in Sketchbook Pro on a Cintiq. The halftone/dot-matrix effect was rendered in Photoshop so three apps altogether to produce a relatively simple piece. This would be a pretty typical working method for me.

      I did have a look at your blog and I must say I’m impressed with your Photoshop skills – some seamless montage work there! Nicely composed, too – keep it up.


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