Free doodles and ageing hipsters.

I’ve said it before but you’re never alone with a sketchbook; I had a couple of occasions to gratefully whip it out just recently.

First off, at SCAC while I was waiting to be joined by Lynn so that I could give her a final-weekend guided tour of the annual exhibition. Free costumed life-drawing sessions have been running alongside the show throughout the month-long festival period, for both regulars and any visitors who fancied having a go so there was no need to stand around awkwardly twiddling my thumbs. 

It was interesting to observe the effect that a live drawing session, albeit a pretty informal one, had on casual visitors to the exhibition, at least while I was there. They almost all resorted to talking in whispers as soon as they clocked what was going on, and generally became quite reverential and ill-at-ease. The invitation to take up a pencil and pad and join in was more often than not met with mild horror and an anxious glance towards the exit. It’s easy to forget that drawing’s not for everyone; a pity.


Our son Sam was down from Sheffield for a brief visit over the weekend and we went up to London on Monday see his band Blood Sport play a gig at the bleeding-edge Shoreditch venue The Old Blue Last (we, er… blended right in, naturally). Lynn and I had time to kill during the sound check and other pre-gig rituals, which we were happy to while away in a nearby Hoxton pub, again ably assisted by the trusty sketchbook.Sketch-27May13_Lynn@George&Vulture

Here are a couple of clips I recorded at the gig. A slightly muddy sound but not bad for a Lumix compact:


Hey, even drummers have to sleep.



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