Tim Skellington

My cartooning pal and effortlessly brilliant caricaturist Paul Cemmick recently drew my attention to an excellent Facebook Group called Caricaturama Showdown. Every week a subject is chosen and Caricaturists from all over the world, from have-a-go amateurs to the absolute cream of the crop, post their responses to the challenge up on the group page. A vote is taken for the ‘winner’, who gets to select the subject for the next round. Simple as that.

I’ve produced a few caricatures over the years although I never really considered it to be one of my strong areas but having looked at the Caricaturama entries over the last few weeks and marvelled at some of the brilliant pieces being posted up, I felt inspired to join in. The current subject is Tim Burton (who I’ve never entirely forgiven for marrying Helena Bonham-Carter but that’s another story) – a caricaturist’s gift.

I actually knocked this up pretty quickly and it could definitely have been further developed and improved on with more time but as a first toe-in -the-water it’s ok. A great exercise though – I reckon I’ll be having a stab some more of these. I’d urge you to check out the site, some of the work there is top-drawer.




3 thoughts on “Tim Skellington

  1. Excellent mate! I’m not going to have time for this one but I like the way you’ve done something more with it than just a distortion of a photo as we discussed the other night. Lovely stuff. I hope you get mentioned! And thanks for the compliments too. P

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