Soup to nuts.

The majority of illustration jobs I work on these days involve multiple images and can take several weeks, if not months, to complete so it made a welcome change recently to work on a relatively simple project for a local company that took just over two weeks from initial meeting to the client having the images uploaded onto their website.

The company are a Brighton-based House-price Negotiator / Buying Agent, which I confess was a whole new concept to me but apparently quite common in the US (their modus operandi is explained on the website). My brief was to produce one image each for the four stages of the negotiating / buying process to replace the poorly-suited and stylistically disparate pieces of clip-art that were currently doing the job on the company website.

The whole job went very smoothly, from the briefing meeting with the client to delivery of the finished illustrations, which were literally live on their website within half-an-hour of me sending them. Here are the initial sketches together with the finished artwork to show the visual transition from roughs to final illustrations and also the few changes that were requested.



The house in image #1 was thought to be a little Brighton-centric which was fair enough. The company hope to expand geographically so something more traditionally suburban was required (note the property is further adjusted in the final artwork to become double-fronted – a nod to the higher-end clients the company are targeting). Image #4 is similarly amended to feature the different property.

The illustrations can be seen in context on the Indigo 12 website, under the ‘How we work’ tab.





All images were produced on the Wacom Cintiq, my new best friend. The rough sketches in SketchBook Pro 6, the colour illustrations in Adobe Illustrator.


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