Bird Girl

No, not the Antony & The Johnsons song but an avian-themed drawing session last night at Draw – the first opportunity I’ve had to resume life-drawing there since my workload forced me into temporary exile back in November (shame on me). Model Isobel was kitted out in in a Heironymus Bosch-like beaked mask with a fulsome feather boa and posed amid a nest of straw and cushions to the accompaniment of birdie favourites such as Fly Like An Eagle, Hendrix’s Little Wing, Elbow’s The Birds… you get the idea.

A very relaxed and enjoyable session although I felt like Captain Oates making his famous Antarctic exit as I left New England House just after 10pm. This weather is for the birds.

Isobel-bird1 Isobel-bird2

Drawn on the iPad with Adobe Ideas

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