Pickle remix

The current issue of Brighton’s weekly culture and property magazine, Latest 7, features an interview with Alun & Dawn from the Chilli Pickle and I agreed to re-format and montage together a few elements from the recent comic strip to use as a cover image.

That wouldn’t take long, surely?

The crazy thing is, I still sincerely believe that to be the case, in spite of a career’s-worth of experience to the contrary. Suffice to say, the actual process of selecting the sections that would work best together, extracting them from the original images and assembling an aesthetically agreeable new composition in a very different format actually took about five hours and involved way more tweaking and fiddling about than I’d bargained for.

The moral of this is probably: if I tell you something will be a ten-minute job, it’s probably best not to believe me. It works, though.

editorial cover

To see it in context, go to the Latest 7 online edition or pick up an actual copy just about anywhere.



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