Cafe Society

I lost my cherry on Tuesday night. Well, my Marwood cherry. To my shame, I’d never visited the Marwood Cafe before and it turns out it’s been my loss. It’s a splendidly quirky, arty place and very Brighton indeed although it looks as though it’d feel more at home in the North Laine area than right on the edge of the Lanes where it’s actually situated. No matter, I’ve been now and shall return!

I was there for one of the regular early-evening life-drawing sessions run by Kate Shields and to have a catch-up and post-pencil beer with cartoonist extraordinaire Paul Cemmick, who I hadn’t seen in ages. A most agreeable way to while away a few hours.

Here are a few of the resultant drawings of Lucy, or ’The Divine Miss Potts’ as Paul seems determined to re-christen her.

Drawn on iPad with Adobe Ideas

This is the first post I’ve added using the WordPress iPad app, which has been improved of late to the extent that it actually seems usable (although still not fully WYSIWYG). I’m about to find out if that is indeed the case…


2 thoughts on “Cafe Society

  1. Lovely stuff, Geo. Particularly like the iPad one. You’ve got a very nice style going there. See you at another one soon I hope. Here’s a two word reminder from Monday night- Mort Drucker!

    Laters! P


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