Midnight Feast

Following the unequivocally positive response to their previous ‘Midnight Drawing’ event at the Sussex County Arts Club (see related post), those lovely ladies from Artists, Models, Ink last night staged a follow up. ‘Midnight Feast‘ had a similar format: a single, three-hour tableau vivant featuring multiple models (four this time – Kate, Frankie, Emma & Lucy) artfully arranged around a purpose-built set. Clusters of fruit and veg alluded to the feast theme whereas the significance of the two skeletons was less clear. A post-modern comment on eating disorders? A nod to the Zombie March that had taken over the streets of Brighton earlier in the day? Whatever, they looked great.

The range and diversity of the work produced by those present was, once again, fascinating to behold. Here’s my effort, a large-ish drawing by my standards (76 x 56 cm) in coloured pencil and diluted Dr Martin’s sepia wash.

Keep clicking to enlarge

Well done Kate & the gang; another triumph!


2 thoughts on “Midnight Feast

  1. Nice one, mush. I suspect this session wasn’t for me despite the presence of the Devine Miss Potts. (I assume the “Lucy” is her). Has the skeleton on the left got a boner?



  2. ‘Twas indeed your divine Miss P, who’s also doing a stint at Bill’s tomorrow FYI. Well spotted on the ‘boner’ detail, too – a banana (!) had been strategically placed in the pelvis. They’re a saucy bunch, these models!

    Kind of appropriate for a skeleton to have a boner, when you think about it…


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