Busman’s holiday unplugged.

It’s with rather brutal swiftness that I’ve had to revert back to work mode following a splendid 10-day trip to Portugal with the family. No time to wallow in the usual post-holiday re-entry misery this year – those illustrations won’t draw themselves.

There is, however, just time to post a few pics with minimum comment:

Thankfully, although we were away for the last few days of the triumphant and utterly life-affirming London Olympics, we were still around for the crazy period around ‘Super Saturday’ when everything that Team GB touched seemed to turn to gold. If I’d been less busy I’d have knocked out several pictorial tributes to our glorious medal-winners  but had to limit myself to just this one of the brilliant, giggling Velodrome queens, Dani King, Laura Trott and Jo Roswell, who the whole country immediately in love with after they won the team pursuit gold.

Now I’m as enthusiastic an advocate of the digital life as anyone but I still have a quaintly traditional attitude to communication when on holiday  – essentially, I prefer my status to be ‘unavailable’. It helped that there was no wi-fi available at the apartment where we were staying (the iPad would doubtless have exerted a stronger pull otherwise) but mobile phones are easier to turn off than most people seem to realise. I can heartily recommend an occasional spell of social media abstinence; suddenly you’ll discover you have time for old-school indulgences such as reading, sketching or, as below, sketching people reading. Ah, it’s like Tim Berners-Lee never existed…


4 thoughts on “Busman’s holiday unplugged.

    1. Thanks Lisa, that’s very kind of you. The sketches vary in the time they take, depending on the circumstances – anything between 10 – 30 minutes, roughly. It’s nice to take a more leisurely approach if possible, which is probably why such a high proportion of my on-the-spot sketches are of obliging family members who’ve just settled down with a good book. The duration is rarely dictated by the drawer in any case (unless you’re portraying de-populated landscapes) – you just have to try and get something down while you have the chance!

      I like that most recent sketchbook entry of yours, by the way. An approach not dissimilar to my own!


      1. Whew, you’re fast! At least, fast and precise (it’s that second part that’s difficult for me). But practice is helping! Thank you for checking out my sketchbook post! I’d read your blog that morning and your sketches definitely gave me that extra push to take out my sketchbook while I was out. I’ve been doing that more lately.


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