Pump it up.

By a sublime coincidence, the Brighton leg of my musical hero Elvis Costello’s current Revolver tour was scheduled for last Wednesday – my birthday. I’ll resist the urge to regale you with a long and slavering review of the three-hour extravaganza that was served up – suffice to say that, in my opinion at least, it was just brilliant. A couple of days later, with the EC back-catalogue booming out of my iPod dock in shuffle mode, I reproduced the cover of This Year’s Model on my iPad by way of a modest tribute.

Drawn with Adobe Ideas


Here’s another iPad doodle that started out as a bit of a technical exercise – an attempt to do something a little more painterly with the Procreate app. But then my cartoonist’s instincts kicked in and, almost inevitably, a giant bat-wielding psycho-rabbit was added. Ain’t that always the way?

This week has seen the arrival of something that I almost hesitate to say looks suspiciously like summer. A cooling breeze wafted over the assembled ne’er-do-wells at Tuesday evening’s life-drawing class courtesy of a ceiling fan that few of us even realised was there until it was activated. A rare event indeed. The model was Holistic Therapy student-in-waiting Greta; new to me but great to draw. After embarrassing myself with multiple failed attempts to guess her country of origin during the break (Holland, Germany, Belgium…), she put me out of my misery and revealed herself to be from Lithuania. Not the hot-shot with accents you seem to think you are, Mr Parkin.


Our post-class beverages were enjoyed al fresco alongside half of Brighton, or so it appeared – it just takes a whiff of warm weather and New Road is transformed into Barcelona. This is more like it!


2 thoughts on “Pump it up.

  1. I’m in love with Procreate myself Geo. although people always laugh when I mention the name. The latest update knocks the spots off any of the painting apps in Itunes, IMHO. The new brushes are terrific Are any of the life drawings done with an Ipad?


    1. Totally agree. The latest upgrade has transformed Procreate into the best drawing & painting app around. If you trawl my blog you’ll see one or two have been done on the iPad, using Brushes, Procreate and Adobe Ideas (which I also think is terrific). Not enough though – it’s something I definitely intend to do more of.

      Thanks for looking!


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