Indecision time

It’s been a week largely devoted to commissioned work (no bad thing) but I still managed to squeeze in the Tuesday evening life-drawing session in spite of having a distinct ‘coming-down-with-something’ feeling on the night.

The model was the elegant and sinewy Johanna, all long limbs and asymmetric hair, who is due to move north to Scotland very soon and will be a loss to the Brighton life-drawing fraternity when she does. There can’t be many of us who haven’t sketched her on at least one occasion. Art-wise I was in mixed-bag mode again, which might have had something to do with my slightly fuzzy head but was more likely down to me currently wanting to try every technique at once. As a result, the following selection is a somewhat chaotic miscellany of pencil drawing, ink, wash, pencil crayon and a couple of different iPad apps thrown in for good measure; you can probably tell which is which.

Note to self: in future, quality of output might benefit from concentrating on one method at a time.


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