Debbie, Bruce and a scattergun approach.

A quick round-up of the week’s extra-curricular sketchery, then.

During breakfast on Monday morning I downloaded a few iPad app updates, which included a new version (v 1.6) of Procreate, a drawing and painting app that I’d been pretty impressed with on the few occasions I’d used it but which had never quite usurped Brushes as my automatic go-to app. I reckon that’s about to change with the new version. It’s had a thorough overhaul and the drawing tools seem altogether more responsive and natural-looking. I’m especially impressed with the new pencil tool, which looks incredibly authentic. I ended up spending rather longer than intended playing around with this splendid upgrade and made a couple of quick sketches from an article on Rock Stars’ school portraits that I’d been reading in the Guardian over my muesli. I have to say Debbie Harry looked a lot better once she ditched the beehive.

Attended a couple of life-drawing sessions this week, both at the Arts Club. The Monday afternoon class involves two longish poses of around 50 minutes and is run by Kate Shields, who organises drawing classes and events at various venues around Brighton but who I’d never previously crossed paths with. Emma was the model (her ‘prop’ was a detached mannequin’s hand) and I split the session between traditional drawing and further experimentation with the iPad. Here’s one of the pencil drawings:

… and here’s an iPad re-working of a very quick sketch I made with the aforementioned Procreate app:

I went in for a similar mix of trad and digital on Tuesday evening at Bill’s class, where the same Kate was this time on modelling duty. Technique-wise I was in real scatter-gun mode; here are a few drawings done in pencil and ink-wash, brush-pen & wash and coloured pencil on red paper:

… and once more a couple of digital efforts towards the end:

The first was drawn with Adobe Ideas, which I’ve mentioned before. I do really like the vector-y feel and built-in line smoothing in this app although I imagine the slightly cartoony results would outrage and offend many life-drawing purists. I blocked in some of the colour and gave it a quick tidy-up back at my studio as there wasn’t time to complete it at the time. Lastly, another Procreate sketch, which again I would have ideally liked more time to work on but does demonstrate the potential (I may have mentioned this before!) of this fabulous gadget.

I also spent a big chunk of this week producing a new piece specially for my slot in the next Directory of Illustrators (edition #29)  but I’ve posted quite enough pics for now so more of that anon.


3 thoughts on “Debbie, Bruce and a scattergun approach.

  1. Speaking as a life drawing purist I’m outraged and offended by your use of modern digital drawing
    techniques and feel duty bound to suggest that you have your knackers removed with extreme prejudice in the town square. Yours in disgust, Grumpy of Hove.


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