The retrospective view.

Found myself strangely compelled to attend not one but two life-drawing sessions this week, following the previous week away. Worryingly addictive behaviour. The first batch, of Emma from Tuesday night’s session, are a testament to not appraising an evening’s output until the morning after. I definitely didn’t feel like I was in the zone while I was drawing but I was far happier with the results when I revisited them the next day than I expected to be. A pleasant surprise. Sometimes you just have to sleep on it. I drew the last 15-minute pose of the night (bottom right) on the iPad using the Adobe Ideas app. My technique is still very much a work in progress but I do enjoy working with this app, for all its quirks and limitations.

Here are a few from Thursday lunchtime at Jake’s, with Lucy modelling. Again, I whipped out the iPad for the final pose (centre – back view) which was a slightly more generous 30-minutes. Ideas is by no means the most painterly of the drawing apps but the crisp vector-based results and areas of flat, un-pixelated colour really appeal to my innate aesthetic ideal. I can’t help it – I’m just an incorrigible cartoonist.

Drawings were assembled and block colour added in Photoshop prior to posting, as before. Images can be viewed larger by giving them a click.


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