Spring forward, Fall back.

The clocks went forward an hour on Sunday to British Summer Time. The weather has done something similar, bypassing Spring and skipping directly forward to a Summer climate. Which, although welcome, is not really very British at all.

I escaped from the studio this evening for a quick cycle down to the seafront (sunshine really does suit Brighton), where I made this quick sketch of Alfresco’s and sundry pleasure-seekers from the beach. The block colour was added later in Illustrator and immediately transformed it into something fit to post.



5 thoughts on “Spring forward, Fall back.

  1. I really like that Geo. I spent the evening in a pub cellar with Mark Harrison as two bank managers being beaten up by gangsters for Paul Spencer’s filmed inserts for a one man play called Ten Men to be directed by Paul and performed by Matt in London in May. Hairy fun!


  2. Mark, you really need to pay more attention – it was a beautiful thing to behold. Or perhaps you were still dazed from the unwanted attentions of those gangster chappies.


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