Drawing @ TOM Launch Party

Is Brighton becoming the nation’s de facto life-drawing capital?

The City’s already-wide range of classes got even wider on Tuesday night when Draw held a launch party for a new Wednesday night session to be held at The Old Market Theatre (TOM). There was a decidedly more raucous atmosphere than at a regular class and a steadily increasing volume level, no doubt due to the fact that the bar was open throughout. A number of familiar faces were present, both among the drawers and the drawn, including fellow cartoon demon Paul Cemmick. Jake persuaded the two of us to do something a bit different for the occasion so we spent half-an-hour frantically filling an A1 sheet with drawings from a succession of 5-minute poses featuring Frankie & Laura. The outcome, almost inevitably, was visual carnage but great fun at the time. I took a poorly-lit snap of the resulting artistic tangle (below) so you can judge for yourselves. More than one person over-generously likened it to Les Demoiselles d’Avignon; hark – is that the sound of Picasso spinning in his grave?

Click on the image if you really must see it a bit bigger.

Also shown are a few other sketches from the evening featuring Lucy Caitlin-Potts, Frankie, Charlotte, Laura and Lucy. The regular Wednesday sessions are unlikely to be quite as riotous as this one but it’s a great venue and I suspect they could become a real success.


4 thoughts on “Drawing @ TOM Launch Party

  1. Excellent, old bean! You did loads! I was at the lunchtime session (just can’t stop drawing them babes!) and Jake’s assistant/partner who’s name I’ve forgotten said it was so much fun they’re thinking of having another launch party downstairs at the Latest bar cos Frankie’s brother runs it!!! Hope it’s not while I’m away. Bet it is though. Chiz!


    1. Thankee kind sir! That would have been Shelley, I’m guessing. Like the sound of another launch party – the other night was very enjoyable. Didn’t know about Frankie’s link with the Latest – what a small town this is. Who were you drawing today, you crazy addict?


  2. He was drawing Johanna I believe. The Old Market were keen for another party too so the life drawing party might become another staple of our program…perhaps a summer, autumn and winter one to come?


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