Six go sailing.

Ahoy there!

An idea that started life as a wine-fuelled conversation during one of our Sonnet Ski trips finally came to pass this weekend when the regular five, plus guest Sonneteer Colin, took to the high seas (well, the Solent) for a weekend sailing jaunt from Gosport to Cowes and back. Our Dutch snowsports companion Jan also happens to work for Lagoon Watersports as a windsurf and power-boat instructor and he managed to bag one of their 35-foot yachts for the weekend at a no-brainer knock-down price. Sailing expertise among our party went all the way from none whatsoever (moi!) to sailing-since-he-could-walk (Jan) but we somehow coalesced into a perfectly capable crew and had a thoroughly enjoyable couple of days.

I packed my sketchbook more out of habit than any real expectation that there’d be time to do any drawing. However, the predicted heavy rain largely held off and between performing helm and tacking duties there was plenty of time to make sketches of all my shipmates. It should have been obvious, really – when you’re at the wheel you can’t really wander off or change position much; ergo: perfect life-model!

I also produced an end-of-voyage certificate (what is this – the Brownies?) that references various in-jokes you don’t want to know about.


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