March Pair

Things are mercifully picking up on the illustration front but here are some of the fruits of the last couple of life-drawing sessions I managed to squeeze in. Frankie with her serpent accomplice at Draw last Thursday and a set of ten-minute drawings of Jill from the Tuesday evening Arts Club class. I might just conceivably have exaggerated the robustness of the thigh in one of these (no prizes for guessing which one) but I can’t help feeling Robert Crumb would approve so it gets included!

I’ve also included a quick iPad re-working of one of the sketches that I made back at the studio. I’d like to eventually take the iPad along to life classes but I still need to get my tablet technique up to some sort of acceptable speed. This sort of exercise should help. I’m feeling re-inspired to do more of this sort of work after seeing David Hockney’s ‘Bigger Picture’ show at the RA a couple of weeks ago. Some of the digital landscape pieces he’s produced are sensational.


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