The Drawing Circus – Grimm Tales

On Saturday the Drawing Circus once again rolled into town (well, the Sallis Benney Theatre) for another sell-out six-hour art marathon, organised by ringmaster Jake Spicer and his Draw team. The theme this time round was Grimm’s Tales. In practice this involved a constantly-changing set of tableaux that followed a vaguely folkloric narrative and featured Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, fauns, witches, sundry castle-dwellers and of course a big bad wolf. The costumes and props were all bang on-message and if there’s a better-looking troupe of life-models anywhere in the country, I’ll eat my pencil-sharpener. The whole event was accompanied by live ambient music that enhanced the agreeably other-worldly atmosphere. I was concentrating too hard on the drawing to really pay much attention to the musicians at the time but I have a distinct recollection of something that, to my ears, sounded like a moog synthesiser. Can this be right? Whatever, hats off to all the models and musicians for their epic levels of stamina.

Inevitably I ended up with a lot of sketches from a six-hour session, in various states of completion. Here’s a visual mash-up of the majority of them, with a bit of Photoshop colourization thrown in to help knit them together. I’ve included some of the insanely rapid drawings I made of the aerialist Naomi, as she twisted and dangled from her rope, throwing some really fantastic poses. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in wishing I ‘d been able to freeze time in order to have spent longer sketching these contortions although in fairness, the fact she was able to hold such positions for even a few seconds was impressive.

Thanks again to Jake and the team for another unique and superbly-organised event. Keep ’em coming!

(click on images to see them a bit bigger)


6 thoughts on “The Drawing Circus – Grimm Tales

    1. Glad you like them, Naomi. I was very impressed with your aerial moves, as I’m sure everyone was – I’m sure I’d end up hanging myself if I tried anything like that! Although the poses were very brief, I couldn’t resist at least trying to quickly capture the essence of them. So much more dynamic than regular life-drawing poses!


    1. Thanks for looking at the blog, Matt. As for the aerial sketches, it was just a case of drawing on auto-pilot and hoping for the best. It’s a miracle that the few lines I managed to get down convey anything at all!

      Did you post any of your output?


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