A few loose ends

After a relatively fallow spell work-wise, I have a large project coming up that’s just getting into gear. It’s reassuring to have a substantial period of work booked in but it’s also certain to leave less time for little indulgences such as twice-weekly life-drawing. That’s what I managed last week though; here are some of the results:

First off, some drawings of Collette (fine lower-leg tattoo that these pics don’t do justice to) from last Tuesday at the Sussex Arts Club. My mate Paul Cemmick, who’s been positively bingeing on life-drawing just lately, has a few drawings from the same session right here.

And here are a couple of Frankie from Thursday evening’s themed-drawing session at Draw. I actually dug out an ancient box of watercolours for the first time in several decades for this session. Not my natural medium by any means but interesting to revisit.

While we’re on the subject, here are three more examples of what I call my ‘illustrated’ life-drawings, all based on sketches I brought home from drawing sessions and then developed into something more finished-looking by re-drawing then completing digitally. The original sketches are also shown again for comparison.

Two different colour-schemes. Very easy to accomplish in Illustrator.


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