Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

More life-drawing, but with a slight twist. Walked into Brighton on a bitterly cold Tuesday night for what was billed as ‘Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School’, a concept that was born in New York and has become an international franchise. The event was held upstairs at the King & Queen pub where ‘alternative fashion model’ Dolly Diamond was, it later emerged, doing her first life-drawing gig. She made a striking subject, particularly in the first half when encased in a rather fetching latex mini-dress and killer heels, striking poses that were distinctly more fashion-shoot than traditional life-drawing class. A definite hit, and with further interesting models promised for future sessions, this could become a regular monthly fixture on the calendar.

Lynn and I are off to New York tomorrow as it happens, to spend a few days celebrating a forthcoming ‘significant’ birthday. Interestingly, while we’re there, another Dr Sketchy’s session will be taking place at its spiritual home, the Bowery Poetry Club; I’m pretty sure this area was the original ‘Skid Row’. I’ll make every effort to attend this event and will of course report my findings. Also looking forward to seeing my agents Mike and António at American Artists for the first time in several years and visiting their new base upstate in Larchmont – should be a good trip.

Adios, amigos!


3 thoughts on “Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

  1. Hey!
    I’ve stolen the photos from your blog. (hope you don’t mind) and have put one up on my modelling page. I have credited you 🙂
    Really loved your drawings from the evening.


    1. Hi Dolly, that’s absolutely fine – glad you liked the drawings. It was a really enjoyable evening, your life-drawing debut was a triumph! Hope to see you again at something similar in future. Geo x


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