Visions of Johanna

On Saturday afternoon, with my faith in humanity all but extinguished following a visit to the Temple of Mediocrity and Mammon that is Churchill Square, I ducked into the Sussex County Arts Club for a couple of hours of spiritual cleansing. To take a psychic shower and wash away the fetid taint of recreational commerce that even now was eating away at my very soul and sapping my will to…  you get the picture. I don’t like shopping, ok?

The life-drawing session was a relative oasis of contemplative civilisation. The model was the long and lean Johanna, whose Lion character had provided me with some of my most pleasing drawings at last year’s Drawing Circus. My old amigo Paul Cemmick was also there and on fine artistic form; the same poses in a different style and from different viewpoints can be seen on his splendid blog right here.

With apologies to Bob Dylan for nicking his song title.


4 thoughts on “Visions of Johanna

  1. Lovely stuff Geo. Adding those bits of colour makes such a difference, dunnit? See you for more drawing dueling on Tuesday. Choose your weapons, sirrah! Mine’s a crayon and cardboard so beware!


  2. Thanks, chaps. Yes, the background colour was quickly added in Photoshop. Takes about five minutes but doesn’t half make a difference – Leonardo would’ve done it if he’d had a Mac!


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