Start as we mean to go on…

Right – time for the first life-drawing blog of the year. The first of several, if recent form is anything to go by.

Last Tuesday I went along to the Bee’s Mouth pub in Brighton for their weekly life-drawing evening with Sam & Chloë, who continue to occasionally flex their artistic muscles at University despite studying unrelated subjects. Amazingly, we were the only family group there – quelle surprise! Well ok, probably not the most common type of family outing but then again this IS Brighton so who knows?

The life class takes place in a smallish, curtained-off room at the back of the pub where you can take your drink and enjoy a pint while you draw – very civilised. An added challenge was provided by the generally subdued lighting. A single spotlight was used to illuminate the model, which certainly created some interesting shadows but cast very little residual light to draw by. If the following drawings look somewhat sketchier than usual, that’s probably why.

I didn’t catch the model’s name; if anyone knows her identity I’ll be happy to edit this blog and add her name.

Frankie was modelling at Jake’s session last Thursday – a pleasure to draw as always. Particularly the final 40-minute pose which looked like a real test of endurance but was held with stoical aplomb. The regulation ‘knitting’ pose was also present and correct.

Finally, a few drawings of Laura from this lunchtime, where I found myself sitting next to fellow illustrators Fred Pipes and pencil-demon Paul Cemmick (fastest figure-drawings in the West!). Went round the corner for a quick bacon-butty and arty natter with Paul afterwards. A highly agreeable way to spend a couple of hours.


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