Art Hero – episode 11

(click on image to see it full-size)

Who IS the enigmatic ‘Curator’?

What thrilling mission does he have in store for our costumed art-pests?

Where can I buy acrylic paint in ‘Honeyed Tongue’?

All these perfectly reasonable questions and more will fail to be answered in the next exciting episode, mainly due to the fact that there is no next episode. Eleven strips was as far as I took it, before real life intervened and I had to revert to paid illustration work. Revisiting them like this after a few years has given me all sorts of ideas as to how the strip might have progressed but it’s unlikely it ever will, now. Maybe I should have pushed it a bit harder at the time. Hey-ho – another one to chalk up in life’s ‘regrets’ column.

If you enjoyed them, were confused by them, felt utter contempt or indifference to them, let me know. I’d love to hear!


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