Art Hero – episode 1

Art + Superheroes – what’s not to love? That was probably the fanciful thinking behind a short, unpublished series of experimental strips I drew a few years ago that, to be honest, I probably didn’t push or disseminate as vigorously as I might have done. No doubt a paying job came along and I quietly shoved these strips onto the back burner, where they’ve remained ever since. That’s usually what happens.

I’ve decided to belatedly wheel them out for a fresh airing in cyberspace. Partly because I still quite like them and also because this sort of thing is perfect blog-fodder – they were originally made before I had the wonders of WordPress at my disposal.

I’ll post one per day (just like a real comic strip!), which should provide us with around two weeks of solid-gold entertainment before they run out. There is a just-about-discernable narrative running through the whole set so stay tuned!

(click on the image to see it full-size)


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