BiG in Wonderland

Any concerns that the Brighton Illustrators’ Group was inexorably morphing into a Digital Illustrators’ Group following last month’s Wacom love-in at the Apple store were surely allayed last night, when BiG went back to basics for a group life-drawing session. Jake Spicer, together with models Lucy, Laura, Sophie and Naomi, very kindly put on an Alice -themed drawing evening, complete with rabbits ears, top hat, stopwatch and full tea-party spread. The whole thing was soundtracked by a diverse but strangely appropriate playlist that Jake had conjured up, featuring any track with the slightest reference or connection to the theme. Yes, Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit was present but so too were the Incredible String Band. Very popular with the young ‘uns, I believe.

Anyway, it was a highly enjoyable evening and a timely reminder, if one were needed, that despite the ubiquity of the computer in illustration, traditional skills and observation are still at the heart of what we do.

Here are a few of my efforts. Also looking forward to seeing what everyone else produced – come on fellow bloggers!



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