Flesh ‘n’ Vectors

I finally found the time last week to give some of my recent life-drawings the ‘illustration’ treatment, something I’ve been keen to play around with for a while. After a few life-drawing sessions, the sketches have really started to stack up and among them there are several that, while pleasing in their own right, have screamed out to my inner illustrator to be taken to the next level, or ‘finished off’.

I’ve also been wanting to experiment some more with vector illustration and use of colour in a quest to freshen up my style, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and combine the two exercises. Here are the early results. I’m not sure quite what you’d call them – illustrated life-drawings? Fellow Brighton sketchers may well be able to identify the original models…

The technique combines pencil drawing, Photoshop trickery, vectorisation and colour work in Illustrator. Very enjoyable – I think I’ll do some more of these!


4 thoughts on “Flesh ‘n’ Vectors

  1. These are blummin’ great Geo! They suit your style perfectly. Don’t tell how you do that dotty technique or I’ll nick it.
    Purloiner Paul


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