A Year in the Life (and then some)

Just over a week ago I delivered the final few images for an educational publishing project that has pretty much dominated my working week, if not my life, since it began back in May 2010. Apart from a couple of short hiatuses due to a spot of corporate re-structuring at the publishing house, this has otherwise been a solid 15-or-so months of working on the same job. That’s way longer than I’ve ever worked on a single project before and it does amount to a hell of a lot of illustrations!

It would be an understatement to say that I’m now keen to move on to something a bit different but before I do, I wanted to mark the end of the job with some attempt to illustrate the sheer quantity (if not quality!) of images that were produced. In the interests of download speed and a desire not to test the patience of my small but precious audience, I may have to spread this exercise out over two-or-three days.

Here’s part one, then. What you’re looking at is a detail from every illustration, arranged in 6 x 5 grids. Warning: there are quite a lot of these and the content can be both repetitive and somewhat anodyne. Welcome to my world!

Stay tuned for more of the same!


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