Seaside showcase

The next time you find yourself promenading along the seafront to the east of the Palace Pier (known to those who know no better as Brighton Pier), you could do a lot worse than popping in to a new gallery that’s recently opened at 280 Madeira Drive (right next door to Julie-Anne Gilburt’s JAG Gallery). The gallery is called Drawing Crowds although in its current fledgling state the sign above the door still reads ‘Art Art Art’ – a situation that’s due to be rectified in the near future. In there, among work by a number of other artists, you’ll find framed and unframed copies of my giclée prints and postcards. I believe the gallery will eventually devote itself to showcasing the work of local illustrators but for now the work being shown is a mixture of fine-art prints, illustrations and paintings.

Here’s my corner, currently sandwiched between some of Julie-Anne’s paintings and three prints by my old mate Phil Dobson.

It’s still very early days but the gallery is in a great location and Joe & Rob, the guys that jointly run it, have plans to make it into something of an illustrators’ ‘hub’, with occasional talks, workshops etc in addition to the exhibition and sale of art. I can imagine it dovetailing quite neatly with the activities of the Brighton Illustrators’ Group in due course, as it becomes more established. For now though, I simply appreciate having an actual ‘shop window’ for my wares in addition to the online one and it gives me an extra incentive to add to the collection as soon as I get the opportunity.

Rustled up another quick profile pic (didn’t they used to be called self-portraits?) on the iPad the other day as I wanted to try out the latest upgrade to the Ink Pad app. It remains a joy to use and becomes more versatile with every tweak that’s made to it, not that I actually took advantage of any of the new features in creating this piece:

Was also inspired to knock out a quick Brushes sketch of one of my musical heroes while I had almost his entire back catalogue playing on random recently. I always find myself singing along with EC for some reason; it’s a good job I don’t share a studio.

I must take the iPad along to life-drawing one of these days – I’d be intrigued to see what the results might be. For now though I’ve been sticking to pencils and the relative novelty of coloured paper; I managed to squeeze an hour’s-worth in yesterday:

There’s going to be a marathon 6-hour ‘Life-Drawing Circus’ at the Sallis Benney Theatre on October 1st which should be an enjoyable event. Full details right here!


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