Crayons at noon.

More life-drawings from earlier today, plus a couple from a week ago. It still seems slightly perverse that a weekly drawing session should provide such welcome respite from, er… drawing, but I’m continuing to enjoy it enormously and it really is the complete artistic antithesis of the work I do during my ‘day job’.

I took along a new pad of coloured paper today – it’s just like being back at art college! – as a further step away from my usual way of working and in the spirit of experimentation that this whole sideline is meant to embody. Mixed results inevitably, but far from discouraged; drawing on a coloured ground encourages a quite different approach and way of looking. Just the thing to revitalise the jaded creative mojo; I’m already looking forward to doing some more of this.










And I never even mentioned the iPad. D’oh!


2 thoughts on “Crayons at noon.

    1. There’s a Thursday lunchtime slot from 12 – 2pm that fits in well for me. You can do an hour, two hours, whatever you like. I was only going to do an hour this week but stayed for the whole session. It flies by! It’s £4 for an hour or £6 for two. Here’s a link to the details: I’m hoping to go every week unless I really can’t spare the time.


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