A Good Habit Revived.

I’m typing up this blog entry on my new iPad using the WordPress app. You might reasonably expect, given my vociferous (if not downright tedious) enthusiasm for touch-screen drawing apps, that this would be a cue for me to launch into a rapturous account of what a transformative joy it has been to finally get my clammy hands on an iPad and experience these same apps in all their large-format glory. You’d be right, and indeed it has been.

However this is about something else, for as well as getting to grips with cutting-edge technology, I’ve at last got round to fulfilling a promise I made to myself at the start of the year, namely that I would resume life-drawing classes. It was an activity I always really enjoyed whilst at art college but more or less abandoned thereafter (lack of time, bit of a busman’s holiday-ish activity to pursue in one’s spare time – those sort of excuses) and never got the habit back. It’s taken until May to get round to it but better late than never.

There are a number of classes in Brighton, as you would expect, but I’ve started going along to the ones hosted by Jake Spicer, a terrific artist himself who’s sessions were highly recommended by a number of illustrator friends. Suffice to say I’ve enjoyed the handful of sessions I’ve been to so far enormously and am determined to keep it up, in spite of some inevitable rustiness to begin with. To this end I thought I might post a few of my early efforts in the hope that, over time, some progress might become evident. Watch this space!











20110528-052401.jpgGushing paean to all things iPad coming soon…






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