Japan. A picture message.

Hi, remember me? At some point I’ll get round to a conventional catch-up blog entry full of half-baked excuses for the gaping hiatus between posts, although the simple and not unwelcome truth is that, unlike this time last year, I’ve simply been too busy.

This is something slightly different, though. Like everyone else I’m sure, I’ve been horrified by the recent events in Japan; the force of nature that has been unleashed on that beautiful country has been terrible to behold. I’ve worked on numerous projects for the Japanese market over the years and have been fortunate enough to have visited the country at the invitation of Oxford University Press on a couple of occasions. It’s an intoxicating, beguiling and friendly place; they were memorable trips and over the years I’ve come to feel a real affection for the country and the people.

The images in the news at the moment are upsetting beyond words. The scale of destruction is almost unbelievable. Here are a few more positive, if slightly banal, images culled from the hundreds of Japan-themed illustrations I’ve produced over the years. It’s my somewhat impotent and pathetic attempt to offset the sheer, grim awfulness of the pictures on today’s front pages.


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