Woeful infrequency.

First posted March 09 2010

It’s now clear that this section of my site will not be enjoying the regular updates that I originally planned for it. I can’t even use the excuse that I’ve simply had too much work, darling, as 2010 has got off to as slow a start, in terms of commissioned work, as any year I can remember.

That’s not to say I’ve been idle by any means. On the contrary, I’ve taken the opportunity to produce some pieces of personal work which I normally have little time for, and have been experimenting with Adobe Illustrator with a view to freshening up my visual style. In fact the last couple of months, while being worryingly unproductive in a financial sense, have seen me enjoying the actual process of working more than I have for years. So much so that I am beginning to investigate the possibilities for selling prints of my non-commissioned work as a long-term sideline to the illustration work (assuming there’s going to be more illustration work in the future!). It’s like I’ve got my Mojo back!

Here are details from four of my recent personal pieces:

Bird Table (detail)

Creative Block (detail)

Ex-Wives Gallery (detail)

Brighton Pavilion (detaii)

Like I say, these are just details from larger images. I’m aiming to add an enhanced crispness and contemporary edge to my work and I’ve been really pleased with the way some of these recent experimental pieces have turned out. I’ll post the full images once I’ve got them printed, hopefully with details of prices and how to order copies.

There have also been a few sketch-book entries since last we spoke. Here’s a selection:

Chloë is intending to study English at University but could just as easily go to art college. She has a great eye, draws effortlessly and would have no difficulty getting on to a Foundation Course if that had been her decision. She knocks out bespoke, acrylic-painted greetings cards for her friends with almost indecent ease.

No explanation necessary.

Had another wonderful week at the end of January on the boys’ annual ski-trip to Justin’s chalet in La Clusaz in the French Alps. My guest-book entries have become more elaborate each year (got to keep up standards) but this is the first time I’ve taken up a whole double-page spread. Not sure what I’ll have to produce next year to top this. A graphic novel?

Hmm, a slight chronological leap backwards, here. Packing my ski-bag prior to the trip, with a written indication that I’d already reached the feverish but inevitable stage of regular snow-cam checks. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried; there was tons of the white stuff.

Jan, the only snowboarder in our party, texting home from the chalet.

That’ll do for now – I’m on 5-a-side football duty in half-an-hour.


2 thoughts on “Woeful infrequency.

  1. Great stuff, as ever George. I’ve still got your original girl leaning on a juke box and sax on the back seat of a car somewhere!
    Remember the street hockey one you did for us?
    The illustrations here took me back
    Best wishes


  2. Thanks, Grahame – nice to hear from you. How you keeping? Yes, of course I remember all the old stuff we did together. In fact I’ve got a suitcase full of our t-shirts stashed away somewhere; they’ll be proper cultural artefacts one day!


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