Playing catch-up with the Culture-Vultures.

First posted Jan 06 2010

The latest wave of snow finally hit the south-east last night and continues to fall this morning, with little sign of an immediate let-up. A good day to be working from home. It would be an even better day for staying in bed with a good book but any such self-indulgence would conflict with my innate Protestant work-ethic and the guilt-valves would duly be opened. It’s the curse of a Working-class, Northern upbringing – hedonism begone!

Here are a few more out-of-date pages from the sketchbook to add to the collection and inch us closer to the present day:

Oh dear, still clearing out the November entries. Sorry about that. This is a classic kitchen still-life arrangement of exactly the type I used to do back in my art-college days. Hard to say whether this is any better than what I was producing then.

29 Nov 09

Here’s the digital hub of my studio set-up, including the new-ish Eizo monitor that replaced my beloved but recently defunct Formac 2010.


My delightful offspring, Sam & Chloë on the train to London, just before Christmas. Chloë spent the journey furiously sketching too, while Sam & Lynn were absorbed in their books, providing us with perfect life models. Chloë wasn’t thrilled with her ‘thunder thighs’ in this drawing but I explained to her it was simply a trick of perspective. I think I got away with it.


What followed was an extremely enjoyable day of culture, as noted on the page below, with a little shopping and Chinese food thrown into the mix to keep the troops happy. There was also a brief but spectacular snow shower while we walking round Covent Garden which added to the festive spirit.

The new Alan Bennett play was excellent. Not a dull moment.


This being Britain, the snow did of course cause numerous delays and cancellations to the train services and our journey home turned into a bit of an epic. There was nothing doing at London Bridge so we tubed it over to Victoria and still had an extended wait on the concourse for a train back to Brighton. I only belatedly thought to whip out my sketchbook so just had time to doodle these quick renditions of barely-stationary subjects before our number came up.


Must’ve been a good book. Most of our fellow passengers were nodding off by this stage.


This guy turned out to be a less ideal subject than I’d hoped. What you need in these situations is a really deep sleeper who holds his position whereas this twerp did a mini-hokey-cokey every time we pulled into a station or someone happened to walk past him to the loo. Kept me on my toes, I guess.



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