Justifying the gadget.

First posted Nov 18 2009

Just recently, two more of the books that I worked on back in the mid-90s with the The Two Steves – Colin The Barbarian & Colin II: The Barbarian Returns – were released as iPhone Apps on the iTunes Store after being re-configured for the platform by Leicester-based Sleepydog Ltd. These followed the launch a month-or-so earlier of App-versions of all four Vernon Bright books I illustrated for the same authors and decisively provided me with more than enough justification for finally investing in an iPod Touch.

Like I needed an excuse…

iPod Touch in situ

Along with the book Apps, which look great by the way, another early App download that I’d read about and was keen to try out, was Brushes. This is a painting App that effectively turns the screen into a miniature drawing tablet and features a choice of adjustable-width brushes, colour-picker, opacity/transparency adjustments, powerful zooming capability and even layers. It will take a while to adapt to working on such a small canvas but the potential was obvious as soon as I started playing around with it. There are numerous examples on the web of fine work produced with this App, but for now, here’s my very first effort. I’d like to think things can only get better; watch this space!

First 'Brushes' painting!


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