Into the new decade…

First posted Jan 01 2010

2010 has got off to a very relaxed start here at Parkin Towers. A proper weekend breakfast to clear the head – which to be honest didn’t need much clearing, considering that last night was New Year’s Eve – followed by a relaxed cycle ride along the seafront to Carat’s Café and a not-so-relaxing 30-minute queue for a couple of coffees. The whole of Brighton seemed to have been lured out by the glorious weather today and those not ahead of us in the queue ordering all-day breakfasts were to be seen packing the promenade between Brighton and Hove.

A low-key but nonetheless very positive and life-affirming start to the new year then. This might be tainted in the next few hours however, as we’re heading for the Duke of York’s cinema to see Michael Haneke’s latest film ‘The White Ribbon’. It’s had great reviews but is unlikely to be a barrel of laughs.

The sketch postings are already hopelessly out of synch but does it really matter? Here are another couple from last month. The first one was made in our living-room, an oasis of civilisation at the time, with my daughter sitting nearby reading George Eliot’s Middlemarch and playing instrumental folk on a theme of John Fahey in the background. The second, made on a cold day down by the beach with only a coffee and a flapjack for company, reminded me how long it has been since I willingly endured such discomfort in the name of art! This had better be good for my soul.



Addendum:  Have just got back from the cinema and can heartily recommend ‘The White Ribbon’. It’s no comedy to be sure, and there’s a vague sense of WTF? at the end but the oppressive atmosphere, striking black & white visuals and pervasive sense of menace will, I suspect, stay with me for some time to come.


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