Countdown to You-Know-What.

First posted Dec 04 2009

Bit late to be announcing this but I recently produced the artwork for an online advent calendar for Party City. It went live on the 1st December, predictably enough, and although my artwork had to be ‘simplified’ by the client in-house prior to publishing, it wasn’t ruined in the process and looks pretty good on-screen. Here’s the link:


Sketched a quick self-portrait the other day. Pretty traditional artistic exercise but I realised it was the first time I’d done one for many years. I really must re-discover some of these good habits and weave them back into my regular routine.

Anyway, my wife reckons I look evil or aggressive in this picture (just concentrating, Dear) and says that the position of my right foot is highly characteristic. She reckons I missed my calling as a ballet dancer but I’m not sure.


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