Artist In Residence – for one lunchtime only!

First posted April 12 2010

For anyone planning to be in Brighton in May, when my town hosts a wonderful month-long Arts Festival, it might interest you to learn that I’ll be one of the ‘Artists In Residence’, no less, at the Residence pop-up restaurant. My slot is pencilled in for lunchtime on the 14th May. Full details, including a full list of artists and the rather appealing-looking menu, are on their website.

Residence Pop-up restaurant

Still not entirely sure what I’ll be producing when I get there but there won’t be a lot of time and I fancy doing something a little bit different from the usual. Watch this space!

Also hoping that I’ll be able to launch my ‘Bricons’ postcards around the same time. Full details (and prices!) in due course.

Any new sketches to file? Yessir!

As a form of self-flagellation for not making as many sketches as I rashly predicted I would, I forced myself to sit and face that most traditional of subject matter, the bowl of fruit. What do I think I am – an artist, or something?

Also present, casting a blank and somewhat reproachful gaze over proceedings, are my reading glasses. I only started using them within the last year and already they’ve become indispensible. Numerous cheap pairs are now littered around the house in strategic locations: studio for close-up work, kitchen for reading newspaper over breakfast, bedside table etc. No doubt entirely standard practice for millions of other people but still something of a novelty to me…

Returning by train from a post-offer Open Day at Exeter University with daughter Chloë. She sat beside her peanut-munching neighbour, a stranger admittedly but one who had been in Exeter for the exact same reason, for the entire journey back to London and neither of them had the slightest inclination to compare notes or engage in conversation.


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